Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Your feet arches play a vital role in determining the type of shoe you wear. It is the alignment of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons within your feet that forms your feet arches. In normal arches, your entire body weight is proportionally distributed across your feet as you take strides. In simple terms, it is the type of arches you have that determines how well your body adapts to shocks when you walk.

Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet: Reviews

We have checked out quite a number of shoes in this category and rated them based on their stability, functionality, durability and most importantly arch support for flat feet. Here is what we found:


  • ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 2: This is a walking shoe for people with flat feet. The shoe is designed with a Biomorphic Fit upper. It also comes with a medial bunion window, invariably making the shoe the perfect fit for you if you have bunions. The GEL cushioning helps you to absorb shocks as you walk. The entire length of the shoe is made with the high quality Solyte, giving it a soft and stable platform feel.


best walking shoes for flat feet ASICS GEL TECH WALKER NEO 2 Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

  • New Balance MW846BK: This particular walking shoe is made with synthetic and mesh upper. It also has moisture wicking lining which added to the mesh upper, avails your feet the opportunity to breath as you walk. With its unique arch support, it makes you feel like you are virtually walking on air.


best walking shoes for flat feet NEW BALANCE MW846BK Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

  • Saucony Grid Omni Walker: This shoe is designed to provide maximum stability and support as you walk. Its durability is assured with the carbon rubber outsole feature. With the Grid System feature, it ensures your feet are well positioned each time you put it on. For absorption of shock as your feet touches the ground, the SRC Crash Zone feature is included in the shoe’s design. The HRC cushioning in the midsole provides ample support so you can wear the shoe the whole day without the slightest discomfort. Those who benefit more from using this walking shoe are the people with flat feet, the diabetic and those with Plantar Fasciitis.


best walking shoes for flat feet SAUCONY GRID OMI WALKER Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

  • New Balance MW812WT: This shoe is a newly improved version of New Balance 811, which turned out to be a lot of people’s favorite walking shoe. It is a men’s walking shoe that comes with a synthetic upper. It also has a supportive roll-bar that further enhances your stability as you walk in this 812 sneaker. It also comes with a unique and rare feature in the rubber outsole – the Walking Strike Path. This feature is designed to guide your feet through normal walking gait cycle.


best walking shoes for flat feet NEW BALANCE MW812WT Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

  • ASICS GEL-Foundation Walker 2: This shoe is a unique combination of stability and cushioning. With a synthetic and mesh upper, it comes with its heel-collar made of double layer of memory foam. This provides you with a personalized fit that prevents your heel from slipping out of the shoe as you walk. For maximum stability and support, a dual-density feature in the form of DuoMax is inserted in the midsole. It also has GEL cushioning feature in the forefoot and rear foot that helps your body absorb shock as you make contact with the ground.

best walking shoes for flat feet ASICS GEL FOUNDATION WALKER 2 Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet